22 August, 2013

Social Media: Friend or Foe

I was invited by the Princess Alexandra Hospital to participate as a panel member of a lunchtime debate regarding social media. I was on the side of social media being a 'friend'.

My five minutes of the debate focused on three aspects of social media:
  • Social / personal social media, such as ‘what I had for breakfast’. In discussing social and personal aspects of social media, I highlighted that this is one way, but not the only way to use social media.
  • Professional communication and engagement, such as engaging at a conference, networking with like-minded people, and linking with professional organisations. I emphasised that this is of most benefit to health professions. It allows for the extension of our existing professional networks. Additionally, social media has significant benefits for health professionals attending (and not attending) conferences, as social media exists as an extension of the conference allowing for parallel conversations and sharing of information
  • Important information delivery and public messages, such as social media in disasters. This aspect was discussed in the context of comparing Cyclone Tracy in 1974 in which it took many hours before those outside Darwin Australia knew about the event, and the Christ Church Earthquake in New Zealand, 2011 in which we knew about the event in seconds - complete with images, video and messages from those trapped.  

Ranse J. (2013). Social media: Friend or Foe; debate panel member for the Princess Alexandra Hospital Health Symposium, Brisbane, Queensland, 22nd August.


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