Doctoral thesis

Australian civilian hospital nurses’ lived experience of an out-of-hospital environment following a disaster

Mass Gathering Health / Mass Gathering Medicine

Various publications and presentations relating to Mass Gathering and Major Event health

Disaster Health

Various publications and presentations relating to disaster health

29 September, 2015

A stethoscope, a patient and me

The anecdote in this manuscript is taken directly from my thesis. The anecdote provides insight into the phenomenological natural attitude of the stethoscope and what it may be like to experience a stethoscope as a nurse or as a patient.

Ranse J. (2015). A stethoscope, a patient and me. Journal of Advanced Nursing Interactive. []

15 September, 2015

Pandemics and environmental emergencies

This chapter has a primary focus on environmental emergencies, such as heat-related emergencies, cold-related emergencies, drowning, and atmospheric-pressure-related emergencies. Each section within this chapter provides a good overview of anatomy, physiology, patient assessment and interventions, with an emphasis on both the pre-hospital and in-hospital care of the patient.

 My contribution to this chapter was particularly in the areas of

  • Pandemics, and 
  • Mass gathering health 

 The pandemic section highlights the historical background to pandemics. However, much of this section focuses on the challenges for health professionals, drawing on recent literature and examples from H1N1 2009 influenza. Mass gathering health presents unique challenges for the health system and health professionals. This section of the chapter highlights these challenges. Additionally, this section outlines the characteristics of mass gatherings that influence the demand for health services (such as temperature, crowd mood, venue type). In particular, this section outlines the public health considerations for mass gatherings.

Mateer J, Cusack L, Ranse J. (2015). Chapter 28: Pandemics and environmental emergencies in Curtis K, Ramsden C (eds). Emergency and trauma care: For nurses and paramedics 2nd ed. Elsevier Australia.

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