Consultancy and Services

Jamie has a dynamic array of consultancy activities which provide a high standard of services and resources to organisations, groups and individuals. These activities are undertaken in an engaging and interactive environment.

Jamie has provided consultancy service to a range of organisations and associations, such as;
Subject topics areas include;
•  Disaster health,
•  Mass gathering health,
•  Emergency and critical care nursing,
•  Pre-hospital care,
•  Volunteering in emergency services,
•  Research design and methodology, and
•  Engaging clinician in research and scholarship activities.

The structure and arrangements of the consultancy service is developed based on the needs of the end users, such as;
•  Clinical education,
•  Workshops,
•  Seminars,
•  Research activities,
•  Literature reviews,
•  Focus groups,
•  Needs analysis, and
•  Evaluations.

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