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18 January, 2017

Being health prepared for a disaster

I was interviewed by Chris Coleman on 1206AM Canberra 2CC regarding ways to keep people prepared for a disaster, from a health perspective. The interview was initiated on the background of impending hot weather and high fire danger in the Canberra region.

Key points for being health prepared that were discussed included:
  • Have a current list of medications, ailments and previous medical/surgical history. 
  • Keep this list with other items you might take in an evacuation, such as photo albums or computers 
  • Keep a stocked first aid kit in your car
  • Learn first aid and know basic first aid principles such as how to control bleeding, how to open an airway and how to do CPR 
  • Get to know your neighbours, you might need each other’s help in an emergency

The 27th December 2016: Live interview ‘Being health prepared for a disaster’, on: 1206 2CC (Canberra) can be found below:

On 18th January 2017, a number of large grass fires were burning in the Canberra region, resulting in emergency warnings for the region. I was interviewed by Chris Coleman on 1206AM Canberra 2CC regarding the immediate action people should take to keep safe and be prepared from a health perspective.

27th December 2016: Live interview ‘Being health prepared for a disaster’, on: 1206 2CC (Canberra)

18th January 2017: Live interview, bushfire update ‘Considerations during evacuation’, on: 1206 2CC (Canberra). (During Bushfire Emergency near Sutton, NSW).

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