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Australian civilian hospital nurses’ lived experience of an out-of-hospital environment following a disaster

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Various publications and presentations relating to Mass Gathering and Major Event health

Disaster Health

Various publications and presentations relating to disaster health

23 June, 2007

Mock News Broadcast - Disaster in Canberra

This mock news broadcast was used in the opening scene for the St John Ambulance Australia National Adult Competitions, held in Canberra 2007. Competitors came from all states and territories in Australia, and also included a team from New Zealand. Competitors were required to gather intelligence from the news broadcast. This intelligence was then used by the competitors to gather equipment, that was perceived to be required at a mock evacuation centre where casualties from the disaster would present with various injuries and illnesses.

The competitions were held as in conjunction with a Volunteer Emergency Management open day. The open day showcased the capabilities of various local volunteer emergency management agencies.

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