Dr Jamie Ranse (emergency, disaster and mass gathering health) is a Registered Nurse and Research Fellow in the School of Nursing and Midwifery and Menzies Health Institute, Queensland. Dr Ranse’s work focuses on emergency health care, primarily in the areas of high visibility, high consequence events that are either planned (such as mass gatherings / major events) or unplanned (such as disasters).

Jamie has clinical and leadership experience of assisting in the 2003 Canberra Bushfires, 2009 Victorian Bushfires and 2011 Queensland Extreme Weather Events. Jamie volunteered with St John Ambulance Australia for over 20 years; previously holding the role of Chief Nurse. In this role, he was engaged in high-level strategic decisions regarding mass gathering and emergency health care.

Currently, Jamie is the Chair of the World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine, International Mass Gathering Special Interest Group; and Chair of the Australian College of Nursing, Disaster Health Community of Interest. Additionally, he is an Adjunct at the Torrens Resilience Institute, Flinders University, a World Health Organization Collaboration Centre for Mass Gatherings and Global Health Security.

An overview of Jamie's professional and community engagements can be found here.

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