07 May, 2019

Global event data research registry: Taking mass gathering research to the next level


Research on events and mass gatherings is hampered by a lack of standardized and central reporting of event data and metrics. While there is work currently being done on report standardization, this will require a plan for recording, storing, and safeguarding a repository of event data. A global event data registry would further the work of standardized reporting by allowing for the collection and comparison of events on a larger scale.

To characterize the considerations, challenges, and potential solutions to the implementation of a global event data registry.

A review of the academic and grey literature on the current understanding and practical considerations in the creation of data registries, with a specific focus on an application to mass gathering events.

Findings were grouped under the following domains: (1) stakeholder identification and consultation, (2) research goals and clinical objectives, (3) technological requirements (ie hosting, format, maintenance), (4) funding (budget, affiliations, sponsorships), (5) ethics (privacy, protection, jurisdictions), (5) contribution facilitation (advertising, support), and (6) data stewardship and registry access for researchers.

This work outlines key considerations for undertaking and implementing an event data registry in the mass gathering space, and compliments ongoing work on the standardization of data collected at mass gathering events. If practical and ethical considerations are appropriately identified and managed, the creation of an event data registry has the potential to make a major impact on our understanding of events and mass gatherings.

Gogaert, S., Scholliers, A., Sherman, H., Munn, M. B., Turris, S., Lund, A., Ranse, J. (2019). Global event data research registry: Taking mass gathering research to the next level. Paper presented at the 22nd World Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine, Brisbane, 8th May


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