28 May, 2013

Disaster and emergency medicine online research repository: A retrospective review

Internationally, there is an increasing amount of literature published in the disciplines of disaster and emergency medicine. However, there is a limited opportunity to openly share research progress prior to peer-reviewed publication. Having the ability to share research prior to peer-reviewed publication has many benefits. As such, an online research repository for unpublished non-peer-reviewed research summaries was originally created by the authors of this presentation for the World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine (WADEM) nursing section. Later, this repository was launched to the wider WADEM membership. This presentation aims to showcase the research repository and highlight its usage since its launch in August 2012.

Data regarding visitations to the WADEM research repository was obtained retrospectively from an existing application within Google Blogger, the research repository platform. Data was analysed using descriptive statistics.

The research repository was launched in August 2012 with 21 research summaries. Between August and December 2012, 6 additional summaries were submitted. Additionally, the research repository had been visited on 2734 occasions. The median visits per month are 550 (IQR: 429.5 – 663.5). The most commonly viewed research summaries related to disaster preparedness (n=158), occupational stress (n=110), emergency nurses willingness to assist in disasters (n=59), and simulation in education (n=52).

The results demonstrate that the research repository is being viewed and used. By showcasing the research repository in this presentation, it is hoped that contributions and views to this repository will be enhanced. In particular, this presentation highlights the benefits of openly submitting research summaries to the research repository, such as an opportunity for possible collaboration and sharing of research work.

Ranse J, Lenson S. (2013). Disaster and emergency medicine on-line research repository: A retrospective review; paper presented at the 18th World Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine, Manchester, UK, May. 


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