Current Research


  • PhD Candidate at Flinders University: Thesis - The lived experience of Australian nurses working in disaster environments
  • Understanding the effect of an evidence-based pathway versus clinician dependent management for Salmonella-like-symptoms
  • Disaster content in Australian emergency department in-service education for nurses
  • When disaster strikes in Australia: A discussion paper of how nurse managers can reduce staff absenteeism


  • The role of St John Ambulance Australia in facilitating hospital avoidance during a mass gathering event
  • Patient characteristic to onsite health providers, ambulance paramedics and hospitals from a mass gathering: a case study
  • Establishing a minimum data set for mass gathering health through international collaboration


  • A palliative approach to caring for the dying: the experience of third year nursing students


  • Nursing practice in the prehospital care context: The perceptions of Registered Nurse on their scope of practice

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