13 February, 2017

Development of a mass-gathering triage tool: An Australian perspective

Free full-text article is available here (PDF)

Many health service organizations deploy first responders and health care professionals to mass gatherings to assess and manage injuries and illnesses. Patient presentation rates (PPRs) to on-site health services at a mass gathering range from 0.48-170 per 10,000 participants. Transport to hospital rates (TTHRs) range from 0.035-15 per 10,000 participants. The aim of this report was to outline the current literature pertaining to mass-gathering triage and to describe the development of a mass-gathering triage tool for use in the Australian context by first responders. The tool is based on the principles of triage, previous mass-gathering triage tools, existing Australian triage systems, and Australian contextual considerations. The model is designed to be appropriate for use by first responders.

Cannon M, Roitman R, Ranse J, Morphet J. (2017) Development of a mass-gathering triage tool: An Australian perspective. Prehospital and Disaster Medicine. 32(1).


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