14 September, 2013

Injury patterns and crowd behaviour at mass gathering events

This presentation was delivered to members of St John Ambulance Australia (ACT) during the symposium: Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll. This symposium focused on the various aspects of health care at mass gatherings.

My presentation was divided into two distinct sections. Firstly, the theory of mass gatherings was presented together with the current evidence pertaining to factors that influence patient presentation rates. Secondly, a case study was presented outlining the characteristics of ~5,000 patients who presented to Australian outdoor music festivals in 2009/2010 for clinical assessment and/or management. In particular, the patients presentations related to injury, illness, environmental factors and mental health were discussed.

Ranse J. (2013). Injury patterns and crowd behaviour at mass gathering events. Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll - St John Ambulance Australia (ACT), Canberra, ACT, 14th September.


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