11 October, 2012

Beyond a clinical role: nursing is disasters

This presentation highlighted the key findings of research that explored the role of nurses who participated in the Black Saturday and Victorian bushfires in February 2009. It was highlighted that the nurses’ role in providing health care during and/or following a disaster is more than a clinical care role. Nurses undertook roles including being a psychosocial supporter, a coordinator of care and resources, and problem solvers.

It was argued that this understanding regarding the role of nurses in disasters should be applied to the development of education programs, competencies and policies, with a particular focus on contextualising the education to the realities of possible disastrous scenarios that incorporates elements of coordination, problem solving and psychosocial care within a national framework. Additionally, this awareness education should be used to inform nurses about the realities of working in disaster environments.

Ranse J, Lenson S. (2012). Beyond a clinical role; paper presented at the 2nd Australian Capital Region Nursing and Midwifery Research Conference, Canberra, Australia, 11th October.


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